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Lost sheep of Israel in India.
My name is Jesus padam Kancharla , and I was born on 4th  June 1950
I was born into a Christian Family. My mother was a believer and my father was nominal Christian. 
My father was a member of the communist party and took me to the meetings of communist party. I read the books written by Carl Marks, Angels, Stalin and Lenin. I taught the principles of communist party to the common people.
In 1975 I was married in the same year and set up my family at Repalle because I have working in A. P. S .R T C  Department..
 I had no peace of mind because  I was quarreling with many people.
I went to the Pentecostal Church of the pastor Ch. Benjamin.I confessed my sins and I was born again in the year 1977. I was baptized in water on 6th November 1977.
I prayed to the Lord for the Holy Spirit Baptism. On 2nd December 1980.
I was filled with the Holy Spirit and fire and spoke unknown tongues..
After my Baptism,When I was praying in fasting in the church prayers the Lord showed His vision, standing before me. When the Lord asked Satan whom requiring, Satan chosen me as its choice. From that time the disturbances and temptation started in my life
As a result the Satan tempted me from 1978 to 2012 living with one pair of dress for a period of three years and suffered like anything for financial crisis, debts with high rate of interests.I am suffering with illness and  unhealthy in the time from the year AD 2000 to 2012 with BP and Ash ma.
At the time of temptation Satan said “worship me, the wisdom and the money in lakhs will be given to you. But I rejected . Satan uttered that the Lord will never give money to me with any kind of gifts. I said to Satan “why the money will not be given to me ?I will see.. I was tempted and suffered due to lack of food and clothing and ill-health .
At the age of 18 years, in my student life I have asked the Lord to show my wife. In my vision the Lord showed a shape with lean body and ugly physic. Then I was distressed like any thing. This vision has been fulfilled 1978 to Repalle and we were tempted by the Devil .
We are still living in Lord by faith as the evidence. When I was praying in 1982 due to the problems of debts and ill-health.
I have seen bright light in my vision. In this vision, there was the word
Rev. 3:10 was written on the board. It was written ," I also keep you from the hour of temptation  which shall come upon all the world "
praised Lord . I feel much joy & happiness.
Again in 1984 when praying in tears, I could find the sky opened and a soul came down from the Heaven. That Lord before me and expressed to read pslms.92:12 and it lifted up  to the Heaven.
Praise the Lord..
Thank you Jesus ,Honor, Power and Glory to you
In this way many visions were given to us .A pastor called T. Isaac closely and he gave me a good Bible training during the period between 1982-1987. I received a great anointing through the God servants  in the year March 06 -  1987.
I have been going out to many places and preaching the Gospel. I have been continuing in His service for proclaiming the Lords fame. Then we are finding amazing results through our activities.
On 16-9-1986 when i was praying, our Lord in the early morning that I saw thrashing floor where the crop is being thrashed. Our Lord has shown me the good and vital grains and waste husk which has been separated by the wind. He told me to convert vital spirits toHis kingdom and to save the souls from the Evil .

Bro . Jesus padam Famly

K Swarnajyothi -MS c , MEd ,Phd- Mary prasanna Kumari MA ,BED{Lit }

Children early photoes
K  Daniel  B Tech,  K Job  B Tech , K Israel  B Tech
About my family- After being blessed with two Female children , We prayed for no children ,as my wife became physically weak . After seven years passed, we prayed for a Male child along with our friends .God heard our prayers and gave reply to our prayers with blessing son Daniel on 05th Jan.1985.
Again we prayed for a male child. The Lord spoke with us that He was gifting a boy for us and ordered to put his name Job, When the first boy was 5 years old. The Lord ordered to put his name Daniel. After that I have prayed Lord regarding my poor living .
In my vision I have seen Abraham was distributing his property to his children. I also stood before in the line, Abraham gave me some amount of gold, which was shinning as a flash. The Lord said in our prayers that a third boy will be born. We put his name Israel .
We have all five children two female and three male. When I was praying in the year 1982, without sons the Lord called me in names of Jesus padam , Daniel , Job and Israel .
I was astonished while I could not understand about the call of Lord and explained this with my wife.
Now I was calling my children with their names I understood. We are all dedicated to do His service .
Please read the words of Jesus,
Luke 22:28—31 and Revelation 2: 10.
Dear friends! Thanks for your prayers in Jesus in my temptation.
In my temptation I have wrote and requested to many Missionaries for help and prayers .Any one could not help in this world, but small help was given through Jesus Christ in the Holy Spirit to live temporarily. It is the will of God.
Yashuva Messiah {Jesus} said to me “My dear son Jesus Padam My blessings are given to you abundantly in the Holy Spirit, don’t fear, I am in you and I am with you.
Praise the Lord yashua Messiah.
*******Now we are very happy in the Holy Spirit because of no temptation by the devil .In the past time we are suffering and crying for help in our temptation in 33 years.
Dear friends! Please rejoice with me and say” praise the Lord and thanks to Jesus

Now we are able to construct church building and children home. Please pray for our blessings which will be powered upon us in the Holy Spirit.
Now I am healthy man without any disease or sickness and I am son of Jesus
1 Do not eat the offering offered to idols and blood.
Acts 15—28-29 ,Deuteronomy 8-19-, 12-23—25, Leviticus 17-10--132 Do not eat leavened bread, food and drink. Exodus 12—18-203 Do not eat the Fishes which do not have fins and scales that are abomination to you.
2 Do not eat the Beasts which does not have divides the hoof, cloven hooves and chewing cud that are unclean to you.
3 Do not eat the unclean birds in the air that are abomination to you..
Leviticus 11-1--12
Fear the Lord and depart from evil, it will be health to your flesh and strength to your bones .Proverbs 3 -7—8.
We will follow the commandments of God through which the blessings of God are powered upon us in Jesus name
Fearful sickness or disease cannot be interred into your body because you will follow the commandments of God through Jesus Christ who crucified on the cross.
***We are living by faith in Jesus from 38 years with financial troubles and scarcity of food .
Jesus said to me “Do not fear, money and food are given to you abundantly .
Note  ---;please send your blessings and your friendship in Jesus.
Please send  your gifts personal to my Family  through 
  Money gram  or Western Union to this address from person to person as a Friend   because many problems are .
This is the way to send  your  money to us as a Friend.

Jesus Padam kancharla
Vystnavi nager 2nd line
H no- -   1-7-7/5
Guntur {Dist},AP,India.Cell no-9494539574.
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