Monday, November 06, 2006

White Fish
I have a great vision, In the year nearly 2000.
In my journey I went to the bank of river for Fish ,I bought a big white Fish on the bank of the river with
the cost of rupees 15

In my hand big white Fish turned into white man who is a lean body with white dress ,  we are seeing one another face to face two times ,I went to my home with Fish. I am searching for my white Fish

JESUS said to me that he is your friend and your brother who is waiting and searching for you

Thank you JESUS

 Fulfilled my vision 

In the evening  I went to a bank river for Fish in the year 2000.
One man came from the river ,I asked him that I want a Fish ,no answer .Another man came from the River ,I asked him that I want  a Fish ,He said to me one man is coming with Fishes .Third man  came with three Fishes ,I asked him I want  a  Fish ,third Fish is white and big Fish which is given to me .I take that white Fish with my hand and I was seeing that  turned  into  white Man with white garment .We are see  one another and it is  turned  a white Fish .I asked the Fisher Man ,how much cost ?  I gave Him   ten rupees  ,He was giving one rupee to me,I answered that I  am a righteous  man and I gave Him five Rupees  I bought  the Fish with fifteen Rupees. Second  time I was seeing ,it turned into white Man with white dress
He turned as white  Fish in my  hand .I said to Him to reach my house  night would come .So early morning I will cook it and eat .

That Fish was  turned as a hen ,The Fisher man said to me bus was came and go to your house .I was running near to the bus to reach my house with Fish.I wake up in my vision.

From the year 2000  ,I searched in this world for my white Fish upto December 2015. One day We are suffering with illness and I am praying for my white Fish which I am seeing in the Sea.Jesus said to me that in three  Fishes ,one Fish was given to you that one Fish  was Holy Spirit .you paid the money Fifteen Rupees for cost .
Fiftees Rupees mean –Fifteen Years .
Night time passed mean –temptation time .

Jesus said Fifteen years was your temptatiom time upto December 2015 year.Early morning time is from January 2016 in whch your blessings is started .
My temptatiom time was started from the year 1978  june  upto 2015 december.My heart cry is 37 years.

Praise the Lord Jesus

YASHUVA { Jesus } Messiah Died for our sins
Surly He was borne our grief’s and carried our sorrows, But He was wounded for our transgressions. He was broused for our iniquities, and by His strips we are healed. {Isaiah 53;1-4 }
In my prayers I have seen in my vision,

Jesus is on the cross and before my eyes He died .But a big soldier who is stout and height man with spear pierced on His side and forthwith came there out blood and water

Before my eyes I have seen. I have believed that Jesus died for my sins and my poverty and give eternal life forever and ever to live with Him.

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