Thursday, September 15, 2016

the story of dry Fishes.


the story of dry Fishes.

God was given to me a good friend in this world .He gave me training about Jesus in the upper stair .After training, we walked on the sand and reached to the Sea shore .A boat was standing on water ..He gave a man to me who was bachelor and he was prophet like Baptist John .I was standing with white dress .He said to us that the Boat was given to ye “,take care ,: the Sea was in depth 1600fathoms and ye go the world to catch fishes.
We entered into the Boat and there was blaming fire in the middle of screen of Boat.. The Boat was going on the Sea with speed and nets were put in the water for Fishes .We were preaching the Words of Jesus in the cities and villages through out India .After reached Sea shore the catching fishes were handed to a man who was standing on the ground .In this way many catching fishes were given to him .
.The catching fishes was put on the ground to make dry by his workers. After dry, the man cried with loud voice, the Fishes turned into men of soldiers and standing in rows .The man said to them: go to the world to catch Fishes .All the soldiers were running to the world to catch fishes .I was standing in an one row with Bible in my hands and I was running to the world to catch the Fishes. I woke up in my dream.
This is the story of dry Fishes.
Praise Lord Jesus !

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